Timing is everything.

With solar tax incentives set at 30% of your total system cost, there is no better time to go solar!

How does the process work?

The first step you can taking in going solar is signing up for a completely FREE home energy assessment with Envirosolar Power. This completely free, no obligation assessment is done at your home on your schedule. Once you find a time that is right for you, our expert technicians arrive at your home and assess your rooftop capacity for solar. Afterwards, they will sit down with you and talk about your home’s solar capacity and answer any questions that you might have regarding solar panels.

If it turns out that your home is a good match for solar and you decide that solar is indeed the right choice for you, then your personal expert will help you to find the right system that benefits your home and your budget. At Envirosolar Power we take all the stress out of proper installation and we will have your new solar panels up and running in under a day. From then on it is easy for you to relax as your energy bill decreases and the value of your home goes up!

Diagram of solar panels

Is solar right for me?

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, with every panel helping to off set c02 emissions each and every year. Also, having solar panels increases most homes’ value and appeal to perspective buyers. They are an investment in a reduced energy bill!

To understand your break even point and see how long it will take for your panels to pay for themselves, we encourage you to visit the FTC’s website on solar and to use their recommended solar calculator for your specific area.

In reality, that depends a lot on the individual and the home. The quickest and most assured way to answer this question for you and your family is to schedule a home energy assessment. Envirosolar Power makes it easy to learn about the impact solar can have on your life, your energy bill, and the environment!

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